Monday, April 2, 2012

Istavan Nickersoffski

I met an immigrant to England in the Market Place and asked for his views on living in this country, here is what he had to say.

"My first look at your country I not see much, I with 25 other people in back of lorry, I look through curtains and see name Dover then for next few hours all I see is boring road, A2,M2, M25, M11, A1. Then we turn onto country road and everyone say "we nearly there", I see sign say "Boston" and arrive in promised land I hear so much about.

I cannot first use own passport as I wanted in my country for rape, attempted murder, fraud and shoplifting, I swear to you I never shoplift. Anyway, I put my picture on Uncle's passport and pretend I am he. I get job in factory or cut cabbage in fields, only earn £150 a week but it take me one month to earn that back home. After while I get property on false passport and soon own three houses, much rent coming in and have thousands in false bank account, but not last long, police find out and I confess. They must take my money and houses away and deport me I think, but no, they just give me small fine, residence here and let me keep proceeds of my breaking the law. I cannot believe they let me off but it seem they do it all time. One of my friends he start illegal Vodka factory with illegal workers too, it blow up and kill all except one, do they punish survivor? No they say, "No charges will be made", and then England let him stay in hospital for free to make his face better, cost thousands! Yes, I love your country, not know why Englishman complain so much!"

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