Monday, April 2, 2012

Wayne Burberry

I met this young man coming out of the jobcentre with a group of his friends and asked him his views on Boston and life in general, for some reason he replied in a Jamaican accent as follows.

"Dats bangin' bro, know wha' I'm sayin'? Yeah, Boston's OK brer. See these people here day iz ol me bledrins innit, we iz bangin in de ghetto man innit. See this girl here, she's having my baby, she's boom ting innit, and she thinks I iz fit blud innit".

I asked him, "Why are you talking like a black person when you are obviously white" and he said, "
Yo' what? I declare Jihad on yo ass! innit I have no beef with you dog but you'd better fuck off or I'll shank ya. Innit".

I thought "You silly twat, you've never even been to John 'o Groats, never mind Jamaica" but it came out as "Thank you for your time sir".

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